10ft Containers

Spacewise recognises that some of our clients do not have the available space of larger companies. To accommodate those with limited space we offer 10ft shipping containers that are ideal for more modest storage needs. These containers are made from high quality galvanised steel, are weatherproofed, waterproofed, and made to resist vandals and vermin.

At Spacewise New Zealand we stock an extensive range of shipping containers, in various sizes which can all be customized to meet each of our client’s bespoke requirements. All of our shipping containers are designed with our customers in mind, and the 10ft shipping container is no different. We can also provide shipping container units that are half the standard size or the 10ft as a high cube container.

As a bonus our 10ft shipping containers offer an additional foot in height, making them ideal for the storage of taller items.

Spacewise New Zealand also stock an impressive range of refrigerated container units including our smaller, 10ft size. Each of our refrigerated shipping containers features its own individual controls with the same high tech specifications as our larger standard 20ft and 40ft refrigerated units.

Our smaller 10ft refrigerated units are also ideal for those seeking a temporary solution for cold storage, making them the ideal choice for events such as weekend festivals with many event companies renting out our 10ft refrigerated containers as an economical alternative than the larger sized units.

Due to the Shipping containers versatility many of our clients have found a variety of different uses for the 10ft shipping container, including using them as an alternative as a garden shed as its the perfect weather proof storage solution. Containers have also been modified with window inserts and used as ticket box offices at events.

At Spacewise New Zealand we always has a variety of containers available in stock for delivery across New Zealand within 24 hours.