Container Modification FOR ESPRESSME

New Zealand has its share of busy cities, places where the kinetic world of business runs on coffee. The coffee business is one of the most lucrative ventures in the world, and companies have been improving their methods of delivering that sweet java by increasing accessibility and efficiency. One method that has grown in popularity since the mid to late 90s is the drive through coffee stand, and at the request Espress Me Coffee, Spacewise provided the perfect structure for their business model, through the use of shipping containers modified to deliver quality coffee in an efficient manner.

At Spacewise our engineers are trained to convert humble shipping containers into all sorts of buildings and fully functional utilities for the average citizen, as well as companies like Espress Me looking to maximize the use of space and low cost building materials. The Spacewise team has been taking the simple rectangular design of shipping containers and using them to create everything from simple garden sheds, to more complex conversions like ATMs and sustainable homes. Consequently, the conversion of shipping containers into drive through coffee location was not a project beyond their abilities. Still, the project did involve some creativity and ingenuity on the part of the Spacewise engineering team, as they broke down the structure to its constituent parts, and reimagined it into a place where people could prepare and deliver high quality caffeinated beverages.

The demands of a coffee shop had to be considered when converting a shipping container into a fully functional drive-up coffee shop, making the design process where the work really began. The people at Spacewise looked at the adjustments that would need to be made to facilitate things like running water and the team made plans to build a structure that would have access to water, a drainage system, as well as a water heating, and filtration system. On top of these issues, the people at Spacewise also had to work with issues concerning an air conditioning system that needed to be split to contend with all the needs that working within a heat sensitive environment, like the one you would find behind the counter of a coffee shop.

Making the converted drive-up coffee shop functional, as well as accommodating to the people who use it, was yet another challenge for the people at Spacewise to contend with during the building process. Furthermore, The Espress Me coffee shop needed the container to be made accessible for customers looking to have a seat and enjoy their drinks as well as those driving up. So, serving benches were fabricated and installed as a part of the conversion process, along with a double serving counter for added convenience and comfort. Next, to protect the patrons against the elements, the people at Spacewise installed popup shutters onto the structure and a manual hand operation system for said apparatus.
The people at Spacewise were able to fabricate a working drive-through coffee shop that is designed to service the busy people of New Zealand. Thanks to their ingenuity and ability to see the potential of shipping containers, and the clear vision of Espress Me, Spacewise was able to provide an important service.