Spacewise New Zealand specialise in providing customers with top of the line shipping containers and helping clients to find solutions to their storage problems. We have several different models of shipping containers for rent and thanks to our strategic distribution of shipping container depots across the country we are able to get them to you in a timely manner. The shipping containers we have available are both new and used and have been built and inspected to ensure integrity and quality. Also we are able to hire out modified shipping containers that are tailored to serve a wide variety of functions, with the assistance of our experienced builders and engineers. We are an experienced team of shipping container retailers and modifiers that can provide you with shipping containers that are available for hire that can assist you in transportation, storage, and as a modified building foundation with models that include:

  • Shipping containers for dangerous chemicals and dangerous substances
  • Portable shipping container and easy-to-transport structures, such as site water closets, office spaces, and even living spaces
  • Refrigerated and cold storage shipping containers as well as Cool Rooms
  • Hoardings/Gantries for worksite protection
  • Pre-owned Shipping Containers available for hire
  • Modified shipping containers use for housing, mobile camping, and cabins
  • Shipping containers made for the Rail and Road Industry, which include bulk loading shipping containers and curtain side shipping containers
  • Specialised Removals shipping containers

One of the main benefits that Spacewise offers their clients is assistance with logistical issues, such as the installation and transportation of the shipping container that you happen to hire. Spacewise New Zealand thrives as a company because of their ability to provide this high level of customer service, because of our extensive experience that allows us to put the needs of our clients at the forefront. Consequently, we can find help our client to find the best shipping and storage options for our clients depending on their particular needs. Our expert sales team listens to our client’s specific request and our engineers can even convert the shipping container you desire to have functionalities extending beyond simple storage and transportation. The space wise shipping container fleet is designed to be as diverse as possible and to make it possible for us to deliver the right shipping containers in a timely fashion. As a matter of fact our standard shipping containers are available in such a high volume that we are able to deliver them whenever you require them, which has made us a leader in the industry.

Spacewise provides general use shipping containers for a variety of applications that include:

  • Domestic Freight and Domestic Transportation
  • Shipping Furniture
  • Mobile Warehouses
  • Self-Storage
  • Plant Storage and Machinery
  • Work Site Storage

We know that our clients are looking for shipping containers for a variety of reasons, and we work to ensure they are delivered as quickly as time allows. We ensure that each of our shipping containers is structurally sound and built to industry standards. Also all of our modified shipping containers are inspected to ensure that when hired out, they meet our stringent quality requirements.