Our team at Spacewise has several different models of shipping containers available for sale at our depots around New Zealand, where you can find assistance with your shipping and storage, no matter if you need to purchases a shipping container for domestic or commercial purposes. All of the shipping containers at Spacewise are vermin resistant, resistant to theft, and vandalism, ensuring that they will last long enough for our client’s purposes. In fact, these containers are constructed to be extremely adaptable, portable, and suited to domestic usage. This is why the shipping containers at Spacewise are the perfect solution for accommodating storage, shipping, and housing valuable goods.

Spacewise has shipping containers available for sale that can be used for a wide variety of purpose such as:

  • Self-Storage
  • Parts Storage
  • Onsite Warehouses that are Mobile
  • Site Sheds
  • Garages for Worksites
  • Temporary Workshops

Also our shipping containers are built to handle and secure several different loads meaning they can store: Dried and canned food, DIY materials, car parts, carpets, computers and computer parts, bottled water, electrical item, paintings, retail products, plant & machinery, packing materials, automobiles, aggregates, lighting material, lawnmowers, TVs, shelving motorcycles, furniture, documents, ceramics and ceramic goods, clothes,animal feed and drafting materials.

The shipping containers available for sale from Spacewise come in a wide variety of sizes and functions which is why we can help you to find your shipping building or storage solution in a timely manner. No matter if the load you are working with is small larger, or requires a certain amount of specific temperature control we can help you. Also, if you should happen to have any questions regarding the size or type of container you need, just contact Spacewise and we can walk you through the models we have available. Because Spacewise’s team are experts when it comes to customer service and because we have multiple shipping containers depots dotted around New Zealand, we can deliver shipping containers all around the country quickly. Spacewise provides our clients with both new and used containers for sale, but we can also provide your with modified shipping containers for certain purposes, thanks to the talent of our experienced engineers any model of container can be altered for whatever use you can come up with.

At Spacewise we stock enough different models for a wide variety of purposes such as:

  • Shipping Containers in a variety of sizes.
  • Chemical Storage/Dangerous Shipping Containers that are modified for transporting and storing dangerous substances.
  • Containers modified into housing, portable camps, and cabins.
  • Containers for removals.
  • Shipping containers converted into easy-to-transport building like portable toilets, site offices, and others.
  • Refrigerated storage units, cold rooms, and chillers, modified of accurate temperature control
  • Modified Shipping containers for the road and rail sectors, with specialized shipping containers for bulk as well as curtain-side designed.
  • Modified Shipping containers for gantries/ hoardings for precise worksite overhead protection.
  • Used containers, high quality second-hand, and used shipping containers for sale.

Also Spacewise offers our clients logistical help when they purchase a container with support in terms of positioning, orientation, and relocation.