• 10′ Containers

    Spacewise 10ft Container

    At Spacewise New Zealand we stock an extensive range of shipping containers, in various sizes which can all be customized to meet each of our client’s bespoke requirements. All of our shipping containers are designed with our customers in mind, and the 10ft shipping container is no different. We recognize that the standard sizes 20ft and 40ft containers can be too large for some clients needs so we are able to offer a smaller 10ft option…

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  • New Containers


    At Spacewise New Zealand we always stock a large variety of new shipping containers at our depots across New Zealand all year round for both sales and lease, this allows us to provide a fast and efficient delivery service to our clients, typically 24 hours from placing your order…

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  • Shipping Containers

    Spacewise Shipping Containers

    Our Secure Storage Containers are known for their adaptability and portability, making them an excellent option for those clients looking for extra bit of storage space or for those with a business requiring a lockup or storeroom for their growing business. Whether you are hiring or buying a shipping container for a short or long time period, a secure unit like the containers stocked by Spacewise New Zealand are a cost effective answer…

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  • Refrigerated Containers

    Refrigerated Containers

    Our refrigerated containers regulate temperature and humidity and are perfect for the transporting and storage of perishable goods. Available in both 20ft and 40ft lengths these shipping containers save up 30% of the usual power usage compared with standard e temperature controlled containers.

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  • Dangerous Goods Containers

    Dangerous Goods Container

    At Spacewise New Zealand we are specialists in the containment and transportation of hazardous goods. We understand the severe penalties that can be imposed for unsafe storage of hazardous materials so we have the facilities and team with the technical know-how to convert 10ft and 20ft shipping containers into the dangerous goods container that you need, to ensure that it meets and complies with all legislation requirements for the handling of Hazardous materials…

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  • Hazardous Goods Containers

    Hazardous Goods Containers

    Spacewise New Zealand have extensive experience in dealing with the storage of hazardous goods. We offer a range of hazardous goods cabinets, storage containers, and quarantine devices which have been approved for transportation…

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  • Open Top & Flat Racks

    Open Top and Flat Containers

    Open top and flat racks are perfect for transporting goods too wide or too tall to fit into an average enclosed shipping container, Available in both 20ft and 40ft lengths these high quality steel containers are designed with missing panels to allow the easy positioning of those goods too wide or too tall to fit a standard container…

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  • Side Opening Containers


    Side opening shipping containers are the perfect containers for those clients requiring easy access for the loading and unloading of their container. With all the same features as a standard shipping container the side opening doors allow for maximum maneuverability, especially if using a forklift.

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    Single Phase Reefer

    We now stock Single Phase Reefers with a wide range of temperature capacities (multiple settings available from +5 to -20 °C).

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