Dangerous Goods Container

At Spacewise New Zealand we are specialists in the containment and transportation of hazardous goods. We understand the severe penalties that can be imposed for unsafe storage of hazardous materials so we have the facilities and team with the technical know-how to convert 10ft and 20ft shipping containers into the dangerous goods container that you need, to ensure that it meets and complies with all legislation requirements for the handling of Hazardous materials.

Our team of technical engineers can modify any shipping container from our large and varied stock to meet the required health and safety regulations, safety is our number one priority and we leave nothing to chance. Our fully compliant hazardous goods containers featuring bunded floors, top and bottom vents and internal emergency door releases. Each container is fire resistant, capable of retaining any leakage within the unit, whilst at the same time being adequately ventilated. These containers are also frost-free and secure from the elements as well as vermin and vandal resistant.

We offer dangerous goods containers in the standard 10ft and 20ft sizes and are both available for hire or purchase. These containers are portable, making them easy to transport and the ideal solution for the storage and transportation of dangerous chemicals including class 3 flammables, diesel, oils, paints, thinners, and other potentially hazardous substances, Their solid design and structure also makes them the perfect solution for storing conventional goods, especially where there are risks associated with spills and slippage.