Kiwi Rail in New Zealand

A lot of organisations look for methods of maintaining a level of qualified personnel in a way that utilizes all the resources possible, and in New Zealand the most premium resource is building space and in some cases materials. At Kiwi Rail trained drivers were the commodity, and the need to conserve space and train personnel dovetailed, to create a moment in which the creative use of architecture utilizing shipping containers, came together in project where structures needed to be built quickly and cost effectively to increase the number of qualified drivers. The people at Spacewise were able to make this surge in capable, ready to work, trained drivers possible by fabricating fully functional training available quickly.

In the past Spacewise has been able to help several companies, with the contribution of their talented designers and shipping container engineers to convert shipping containers into homes, offices, workshops, tool sheds, botanical gardens, and mobile ATMs. So it was no surprise that the people at Kiwi Rail New Zealand came to Spacewise looking for the right amount of technical ingenuity to make their vision of a mobile module to train their employees in the finer points of driving a train, a reality. The plan was that once the modification of shipping containers were completed, and the containers were delivered to their intended destinations, Kiwi Rail would be able to train their employees on location, as containers would be able to travel on their own and Kiwi Rail would be able to avoid paying to fly employee from centre to centre.

In sub-Saharan Africa similar methods were used to create mobile class rooms, which were solar powered and Wi-Fi ready, for the underprivileged children in the region out of shipping containers. This project required intense technical efforts by experts in their felid, to transform stripped down shipping containers into tech information hubs, where highly technical tools could be utilized in a controlled environment. The same technical ingenuity was required in the Kiwi Railway training fabrication as future drivers were to be trained, using simulators that were actually installed in the shipping containers themselves. To make this work, the people at Spacewise had to answer concerns about ventilation, power, structural integrity, and cleanliness. Spacewise solved these problems while working closely with the people at Kiwi Rail to ensure each simulator fit their parameters.

The installation of such sensitive instruments and hardware also, meant that these modified shipping containers would need to be able to withstand some shock as they were meant to be moved around, for drivers to be trained all over New Zealand. Fortunately, the people at Spacewise were able to address these issues efficiently and to install both the actual simulator and the darkroom into the shipping containers in a fashion that would ensure the functionality of the instruments and necessary hardware. The whole process, including the finalization of the concept and its design, was completed at the site in Tauranga New Zealand, and then shipped to the people at Kiwi Rail who now utilize them to train their drivers every year.