Container Modifications

At Spacewise New Zealand our engineers and technicians can modify shipping containers for virtually any use and any environment. So if you require extra office space, on site shower facilities, art galleries, or canteens, the Spacewise team can help. Our highly skilled team of engineers can convert securely stacked containers into a multi-story building, with internal or external stairs. Spacewise can construct temporary and permanent buildings, from on-site temporary accommodations to hotels, no matter if you require a large or small amount of additional space Spacewise and our team of engineers can work to fit your specific needs.

The framework and locking mechanisms of Spacewise New Zealand’s shipping containers make them highly secure, and fire resistant. Spacewise can install plumbing and an electrical system into the shipping containers, we can also modify them with additional shuttered windows. When these windows are not in use they can be shuttered and secured like the rest of the building, keeping your workplace belongings safe and secure. Inside a modified Spacewise New Zealand shipping container you will see little difference between the container and a traditionally constructed building. Spacewise New Zealand’s customised units can be fitted with toiletries and sanitation, fitted with an electrical system, walled, and fully insulated.

Whatever your need, Spacewise New Zealand has the perfect solution.

  • Container Modification FOR ESPRESSME


    New Zealand has its share of busy cities, places where the kinetic world of business runs on coffee. The coffee business is one of the most lucrative ventures in the world, and companies have been improving their methods of delivering that sweet java by increasing accessibility and efficiency. One method that has grown in popularity since the mid to late 90s is the drive through coffee stand, and at the request Espress Me Coffee, Spacewise provided the perfect structure for their business model, through the use of shipping containers modified to deliver quality coffee in an efficient manner.

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  • Mobile Shipping Containers for ASB


    The fabrication and installation of the ASB ATM container is an  example of the possibilities of working with the engineers at Spacewise.

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  • Kiwi Rail in New Zealand

    Kiwi Rail

    A lot of organisations look for methods of maintaining a level of qualified personnel in a way that utilizes all the resources possible, and in New Zealand the most premium resource is building space and in some cases materials. At Kiwi Rail trained drivers were the commodity, and the need to conserve space and train personnel dovetailed, to create a moment in which the creative use of architecture utilizing shipping containers, came together in project where structures needed to be built quickly and cost effectively to increase the number of qualified drivers. The people at Spacewise were able to make this surge in capable, ready to work, trained drivers possible by fabricating fully functional training available quickly.

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  • Box Park Container Sign


    One of the advantages to Spacewise New Zealands shipping containers are their versatility and the endless uses which our clients have for them. Here one of our shipping containers is being strategically positioned all ready to be used as a sign for a new container shopping park in Tauranga, New Zealand

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