New Containers

At Spacewise New Zealand customer satisfaction is important to us and that is why we always stock a large variety of new shipping containers at our depots across New Zealand. We have new 20ft and 40ft shipping containers arriving at our depots all year round which allows us to provide a fast and efficient delivery service to our clients, typically 24 hours from placing your order.

We offer shipping containers for either sale or for lease over a specific time frame and we ensure a speedy delivery for your convenience.Spacewise New Zealand can supply new refrigerated containers in both 20ft and 40ft standard sizes, containers which are often used by supermarkets to store and transport food and other perishable goods. Our general dry storage containers have a range of useful applications and are available from 6ft and up to 45ft, with the larger sizes often being requested by local authorities, schools, and companies looking to store important items securely on site. Our high cubes offer an extra foot of height, making them ideal for the storage of taller items. We also offers a range of open tops, flat-racks, secure storage, and site vault storage containers. All our containers come graded for quality of construction and are produced from of the highest quality materials.

At Spacewise New Zealand we have a team of expert engineers who can modify new and used shipping container, these engineers can carry out virtually any modification for any purpose including, on site canteens, toilet blocks and washrooms as well as additional office spaces, marketing suites, and even temporary accommodation. For more information, please visit our modifications page.


  • After a one off payment, the container is yours for as long as you need it
  • There are no ongoing costs once you own the container.
  • We have new shipping containers of various grades always available in stock.
  • We offer a quick and simple solution to your long term storage requirements.
  • Spacewise offers economical solution to long term storage.


  • Our leasing program offers quick additional temporary storage space.
  • At Spacewise we offer instant availability.
  • Leased shipping containers are removed by Spacewise once your need has expired.
  • We offer competitive daily rates.
  • All leased containers are of the highest quality, repaired to a premium condition.