Open Top and Flat Racks

Flat racks

For those goods and items too wide or awkward to fit into an enclosed shipping container, Spacewise New Zealand offers the perfect solution,flat rack or flatbed units. Available in both 20ft and 40ft lengths these containers feature end walls with no side panels’ and for your convenience they can be delivered with the end walls fixed or set up to collapse.

The flat rack units that Spacewise supplies are built with high quality steel, and are an ideal transportation solution for items that may protrude from the base of a shipping container once loaded, for example a mobile office. They are also ideal for side items requiring side or crane loading onto a shipping container. With standard shipping containers this isn’t possible, but using a Spacewise New Zealand flat rack unit makes the loading and unloading process simple.

Standard features

The end walls fold flat to bear a full cargo load and convert the unit to a flat platform.
The flat racks are designed and built with high corrosion steel for ultra-high strength.
Fork lift pockets are provided for lifting when unladen.

Open top containers

At Spacewise New Zealand we stock open top shipping containers that are the intermediate between a standard shipping container and a flat rack. Made from high quality materials our open top containers are made from fully weatherproofed, galvanised steel and with side walls and no roof they are ideal for the transportation of items that are too tall to be loaded and transported in fully enclosed shipping containers.

We are able to supply these in both 20ft and 40ft lengths and they are ideal for goods that must be craned into a shipping container, but do not overhang the container once loaded. They also come delivered with removable tarpaulin tops.