Q & A

How quickly can I have a container delivered?
Subject to satisfactory credit checks, usually within 48 hours after placing your order. We have a network of depots and will deliver from the nearest one to you.

Can I have a collection or delivery at the weekend or outside normal working hours?
Yes, however there may be a premium charge for this.

Can I paint your container a different colour?
No, if you alter the colour there will be a charge to restore it. However, we may be able to provide the container in the colour of your choice. Please request to our sales staff.

Can I use my own padlock?
Yes, you are under no obligation to take a lock from us.

Can I buy my rental container?
No, not unless it is specified in your lease agreement.

Can I return my container earlier than the minimum rental period?
Yes you can, However if you do, you will be charged for the full rental period.

Do I need 3-phase power for your Temperature Controlled equipment?
Yes, you will need 3-phase, 32 amp, 4 wire, type C motor start, unless specified.

Can I store hazardous materials in your containers?
Generally we do not allow these types of use in our all purpose steel containers; please discuss your exact requirements with us. We do supply hazardous goods containers.

Can your driver move other containers or cabins on my site?
Yes he can, however you will need to discuss with our sales representative prior to any delivery as there will be extra costs involved.

Do I need to insure the container?
Yes, you need to insure against all risks and at least up to the replacement value on your lease.

Can I claim against you for lost stock?
No. You are responsible for your stock; therefore, you must insure against all risk.

Can I collect the container myself?
This may be possible; however there will be a depot handling charge for lifting the container on or off your vehicle and the vehicle must comply with Health and Safety regulations.

How much can I fit into a Spacewise container?
Our standard containers come in 20ft and 40ft, in other words, a storeroom that’s either 20ft or 40ft long. A 20ft unit contains 22 cubic metres of usable capacity, while a 40ft unit contains 54 cubic metres. That’s a lot of storage! If you’re storing items on pallets, a 20ft unit can take 7 “metric” pallets (1,200cm x 1,000cm). A 40ft unit will accommodate 18 “metric” pallets.

What range of items do people store in your containers?
Almost everything under the sun – here is just a small sample from a very long list…

Secure Storage (dry ambient containers)
Cards, cars, motor parts, motorbikes, lawnmowers, shelving, packaging materials, TVs, electrical goods, building materials, retail items, canned goods, dry foodstuffs, fireworks, furniture, carpets, paintings, paint, lighting, computers, clothing, animal feed, bottled water, mobile phones, shoes, furniture, ceramics, aggregates, gas testing pipes, biscuits, tea, sweets.

Temperature controlled
Frozen food, chilled food, cultures, pharmaceuticals, research products, chemicals (non-hazardous), cars (emission-testing), beer, wine, fresh food, vegetables, fruit, processed food, poultry, rubber, cheese, ready meals, olives, venison, pheasant, sausages, salad, rape seed oil, ice cream, cakes, wine, beer, flowers, juice concentrates, resins.

What type of container should I choose?
Think of a Secure Storage container as another room added to your premises. You can use it to keep anything you would put in a storeroom – or in your attic at home! Our temperature controlled units act just like a cold store or chiller cabinet, ideal for everything from frozen foods to pharmaceuticals.

Are there any items that require a dedicated, unique use container?
Yes, due to our stringent non-contamination policy and for health & safety reasons there are some items we only allow in dedicated, unique use containers.

These include:
Builder’s rubble
Cement mixers
Hazardous chemicals
Corrosive materials