Refrigerated Containers – See our new New PrimeLine Energy Efficient Machines

Each of Spacewise New Zealand’s refrigerated shipping containers regulates temperature and humidity, and is perfect for the transporting and storage of perishable goods. They are built to provide the optimum conditions for meat, fish, fruit, dairy, and even flowers. Also, these shipping containers can be converted by Spacewise New Zealand’s team of technicians for the storage of chemicals or lab samples.

Spacewise New Zealand’s refrigerated containers have an internal system for the temperature control within the unit, but they rely on external power from a land-based site. Additionally, when refrigerated containers are being transported by trailers, they can be powered by diesel generators integrated into the trucks on board system.
At Spacewise New Zealand, our refrigerated units come in either the standard 20ft or 40ft lengths. If you are transporting or storing goods that require a particular temperature, then a Spacewise New Zealand refrigerated container is the perfect solution for you.

Welcome to Carrier Transicold Container Prime LINE

The ecologist joins forces with the economist.

PrimeLINE® is a shipping container refrigeration model designed for world-class performance, energy efficiency, capacity, lifecycle cost, and is effect on the environment. The PrimeLINE shipping container achieved a new distinction in sustainability in the year 2012, as the first shipping container refrigeration unit with a UL Environment validation for recyclability, as validated by UL Environment using its Environmental Claims Validation Procedure 2789, the PrimeLINE shipping container is 93 percent recyclable.

Best-in-class efficiency and life-cycle cost.

The PrimeLINE Shipping container is a response to rising energy and fuel costs, by offering superior energy efficiency making the PrimeLINE the most energy efficient container refrigeration container available. This is made possible by the faster pull-down – vapour injection system, which starts the compressor cycling sooner, lowering power consumption. Also, the tested carrier reliability lowers maintenance costs, which also significantly decreases life-cycle costs by lowering energy use and the cost of maintenance costs.

The environmental advantages.

Thanks to the improved efficiency of the shipping container, CO2 emissions are reduced, lowering the unit’s carbon footprint. PrimeLINE shipping containers help shipping lines, and the average citizen, reduce the amount of Greenhouse Gas Emissions as compared to competitive units. Also, to reduce environmental impact, the R-134a unit has a significantly lower atmospheric life and GWP than R404A and for superior reliability, the R-134a unit operates at lower pressure with lower leak rates than R404A. The PrimeLINE shipping container is engineered to provide highest deep frozen capacity with the R-134a.