When receiving the shipping container you ordered from Spacewise there are some things that must be considered. Be aware of any and all obstructions at the site of delivery and make sure to inform us as at Spacewise as well. Access to the delivery site is very important and the main reason why at Spacewise New Zealand we have a substantial fleet of different transportation trucks.

Let us know of your onsite requirements, the type and size of shipping container you have ordered, and the access available at the unloading site, so we can determine which of our trucks we will deploy. At Spacewise we recognize that not everybody has acres of space, which is why we sometimes deliver containers using Tilt Tray Trucks, Fully Hydraulic Crane Trucks (the most common), Side Loader trucks, and Semi-Trailers.

Our Spacewise New Zealand team are experienced in the fast and hassle free delivery of shipping containers and we will assist you on-site by positioning the container. Also in some cases our specialist reefer units technical team will be on-board to set up and help familiarise you with the controls.

There are many things can be an obstacle when delivering shipping containers, such as unaware pedestrians, overhanging trees, low hanging power cables, the width of the access driveway, and other things that you see on a daily basis. Also, you should be aware that even when there are no obstructions at the access point, the final delivery site for the shipping container needs to be assessed for obstructions and these obstructions should be reported to the Spacewise New Zealand team when placing your order.

It is preferable that the ground is flat and even but not imperative. If this is an issue, we can supply certain items to alleviate small differences in ground contours.

In order to prevent moisture and encourage drainage and ventilation, it is best to slightly elevate shipping containers up from the ground. Typically this means, low level concrete plinths or railway sleepers, or alternatively the placement could be placed atop a gravel base, which will enable air flow.

Special notice to clients ordering a Tilt Tray Truck

When Spacewise technicians deliver a shipping container using a Tilt Tray Truck, they will slide the shipping container off the rear of the truck and into place. However, if the unit is butting up against another building and the doors of the shipping container are at the rear end of the trailer, then the whole container will need to be turned around. This is why Tilt Tray Truck deliveries require an area the width of 3 metres clearance in the unloading area to manoeuvre into a specific unloading position. The Tilt Tray Truck, one of the most commonly used trucks for the transportation for our containers, also needs a certain amount of height clearance above the height of the container being delivered. The truck loaded with the container will have an approximate height of 3.7 metres and during the delivery the Tilt Tray Truck will need 5 metres of height clearance.

Special notice to clients ordering a Side Loader Truck

To unload a Side Loader Truck a width 3 metres of space is required, but unlike the Tilt Tray Truck, it needs 15 metres in length of clearance space. The Side Loader Truck has its own built-in support legs to counterbalance the weight of the container as it is unloaded. To accommodate these legs the Side Loader Truck also needs excess width clearance beyond the access width. So the clearance requirement for a shipping container delivered via a Side Loader Truck would be 5.5 metres of width, 14 metres of length and an extra 5 metres of height clearance as the container will be lifted off of the truck.