Shipping Containers, Secure storage containers

When it comes to standard storage units with no particular temperature requirements, Spacewise New Zealand offers a range of ideal secure storage units.

Our Secure Storage Containers are known for their adaptability and portability and they are an excellent option for those clients looking for extra bit of storage space or for those with a business requiring a lockup or storeroom for their growing business. These secure shipping containers can be used in many ways, but they are commonly used as secure space to lock up valuable goods.Whether buying or hiring, short term or long, if it is extra space you require then a secure unit like the ones Spacewise new Zealand provide are a cost effective solution. As well as being secure, these shipping containers are sturdy, weatherproofed, vermin and vandal proof.

Every shipping container at Spacewise New Zealand is available in grades that are equitable to the goods stored and offer a secure storage space measuring 33 x 67 cubic meters.

Below are some typical examples of some storage uses for these containers:
Paper, cards, cars, motor parts, motorbikes, packaging materials, electrical goods, building materials, retail items, canned goods, dry foodstuffs, fireworks, furniture, carpets, paintings, paint, DIY, lighting, computers, clothing, animal feed, bottled water, mobile phones, ceramics, aggregates, gas pipes.