Problem Cause Remedy
The unit is powered down.
There are no indication lights on controller.
There is no main power supply.
The lamp light has failed.
Look to see if the power main supply, fed to the unit is on. If the power is supplied by a circuit breaker, see if it has been tripped. Reset if necessary. If the power supply is fuse protected, check if the fuse has blown. Replace it if necessary. Replace the lamp if necessary.
The unit is still down with Mains supply functional. Power loss at plug to container. If the container cable is fitted with a plug and is plugged into a socket, then this socket might be fitted with a circuit breaker. Ensure this circuit breaker has not tripped. If it tripped, reset it and make sure that the cable has not been severed.
The unit is down with, no indication lights on controller. The ON/OFF Switch for unit is in the OFF position. Check if the ON/OFF switch is set to the ON position. If you find that the containers indicator lights located in the controller are shining, wait around six minutes for the container to start up.
The unit still has no power supply. The controller’ circuit switches (fuse) may have been blown. CONTACT AN ENGINEER. 24 Hour Technical Helpline
The temperature indication has risen more than 2oC above set point. The Unit is now in defrost mode, or has just defrosted. Should the shipping container be in defrost mode, then the fan and compressor will both be idle. Be sure to note the precise temperature shown in defrost mode is also the temperature going across the evaporator coil, not the precise temperature of the product. This means, that a container set to defrost, will show higher temperature readings. You should wait 60 minutes more to ensure for normal operation.
The temperature monitor has risen above set point, but unit is not defrosting. The unit’s evaporator coil has been iced over. Look inside the container and check if the evaporator coil is iced over. If it is, the unit will need extra defrosting. Switch the setting to manual defrost, by pressing and holding the “def” key on the controller display. Note: opening the door too long will cause excessive ice build-up.
The unit is unable to achieve its set temperature. The condenser coil is blocked. Look to see if the condenser coil (air intake) at the machinery’s end of the shipping container isn’t blocked with plastic bags, dirt, paper or other debris. Any kind of blockage should be removed if found. If the coil itself is blocked with dirt, it needs to be thoroughly cleaned and washed, making sure not to damage or break the aluminium fins. This is because damaged fins will reduce the container’s efficiency and can lead to high pressure trips.
The unit is unable to retain set point temperature after, being checked thoroughly. There is an electrical or mechanical problem, which may require an engineer. Try not to open the doors, as this will lead the temperature to increase more. Call the technical helpline. Note: before calling an engineer, check the controller display read out if there is one, and give this information over the phone